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Washington DC Evangelists are Christians that proclaim the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations, to every person of every color, and every language, to all people, from all of the ends of the earth, in the Washington DC Metro Area

Recommended Sermons and Lectures - Under Construction

Great Sermons That Every Evangelist Should Have Already Listened Too

Hells Best Kept Secret - by Ray Comfort

True and False Conversion - by Ray Comfort

Great Sermons That Every Evangelist Should Listen Too

Great Sermons That Really Talk About Sin

This King is Unfaithful – 2 Samuel 10-12 - by Dr. Mark Dever - December 13, 2009

Great Sermons That Cover Bad Preaching

Preaching So As To Convert Nobody - by Rev. Charles G. Finney - July 29, 1875

Great Sermons That Cover False Gospels, Another Gospel, Satan's Gospel, etc.

Another Gospel - by Arthur W. Pink

Great Sermons On Prayer

Real Faith… Prays – James 5:12-18 - by Dr. Mark Dever

Hell's Best Kept Secret - by Living Waters

True & False Conversion - by Living Waters